Studio Rates:
Subterranean Sounds' greatest advantage over the competition, beyond sound quality, is price. No other studio offers you the ability to relax and take the time to get the takes you will be happy with down the road. You will not find a better combination of people, knowledge, dedication and equipment than right here so what are you waiting for, give us a call today to reserve your hours, weekends are filling fast so hurry! After you have reserved your hours, remember to re-string your guitars or basses, and make sure the drums are in tune. Click tracks can be programmed at no additional cost.
Hourly Rate
$20/hr or $100/song We require a least 24 Hour Notice
CD Burns
$5 ea. additional disc
Get 100 Discs w/ paper jackets for $100 in 24 hours
Beats Complete Tracks Starting at $100
Sound Reinforcement Rates:
Subterranean Sounds houses one of Kansas City's finest sound systems. The Turbosound rig is of spectacular design producing crystal clear highs and earth pounding bass. In combination with the 24 input digital mixing board (or 64 input analog) These systems suit everything from rap to symphonies and provide the utmost fidelity that your performance deserves. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration and discuss your individual requirements. We prefer that you schedule the system with as much advance notice as possible to ensure that we will be able to accommodate any additional needs that your production might require including lighting, subwoofers and stages.
A Rig: (4) Turbosound TMS-3s 2x15", 2x10", 1x2"
$400 / Night
B Rig: (2) Turbosound TMS-3s 2x15", 2x10", 1x2"
$300 / Night
C Rig: (2) 1x15" The Perfect House Party PA System
$200 / Night
Sound Engineer
$20/hr (including load in and load out)
Mobile Recording
Add $100 for Mixing and Mastering
We Require a Minimum of 24 hours Notice and a 50% Deposit. Complete Payment IN CASH Must Be Received Before The Last Act WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.

  • Arrive on time because you will be charged starting from the time that you booked. There will be no charge for cancellations or rescheduling made 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, however, failure to cancel/postpone with 24 hour notice will result in losing your deposit.
  • Deposits are used towards your account balance but they are NON-REFUNDABLE and are only valid for 30 days. If you exceed 30 days without recording it would become necessary to submit another deposit.
  • Payment is expected in full at the end of each session via Cash, Credit or PayPal. If you choose to pay via PayPal or Credit, there is an additional charge of 2.9%+$0.30 to cover each transaction fee. Clients will not receive any discs until full payment has been made.
  • Please contact Ryan Chamberlain at 816-665-4779 to schedule an appointment, then click below to pay your deposit online via PayPal.