Welcome to Subterranean Sounds and thank you for your interest in our studio. Our goal is to produce the highest quality product we can at a price more musicians can afford compared to going to the "big" studios. Despite many of the technical drawbacks of not recording in a major recording facility, modern home studios have been producing better and better products. Today, a well thought out home rig can compare to state-of-the art technology just a few years ago. But it isn't the equipment that makes everything sound good, it's simply taking the time to get things right. And that's why our recordings consistently sound good. We provide a quality recording at a price that makes it much easier to relax and concentrate on the music. We offer an assortment of carefully selected gear that allows the budget minded musician to get amazing results at the lowest price in town.

Though we love to work with all types of music, we are constantly creating high quality Hip-Hop and Rap beats for purchase at unreasonably low prices. Plus, if you have a particular sound in mind, we are willing to work to help create your idea. This is definitely the best value in Kansas City and possibly the entire recording industry, so call today for booking availability.

Equipment List:

  • Soundtracs Topaz 32 Mixing Console
  • 1Ghz AMD Logic Platinum / Motu 2408mkII DAW
  • 733Mhz Powermac Pro Tools Digi-001 DAW
  • Yamaha AW4416 DAW
  • Akai MPC2000 / S3000xl Samplers
  • Korg N1R Synthesizer
  • Roland SRV-330 Reverb
  • t.c. electronic 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay
  • Tons of plugins
  • Waves Realtime DSP
  • TC Electronic Finalizer Plus Mastering Processor
  • dbx 160x Compressor
  • dbx 1066 Compressor
  • Presonus ACP88 Compressor
  • Bellari RP583 Tube Compressor
  • Hush Noise Reduction
  • Behringer Truth Monitors with Subwoofer
  • Microphones: AT4033a / SP-C1s / B2 & B1 / SM91, SM84 & SM57s
  • We can also rent various microphones and preamps including AKG Solidtube, 414, AT4040 and the pristine Amek/Neve Channel In a Box